CNC pipe profile cutting machine

round pipe cutting machine

1Cutting diameterΦ=60mm-600mm
2Plasma bevel thicknessAccording to plasma source
3Plasma sourceHypertherm/LGK/others
4Plasma cutting thickness of pipe wallAccording to plasma source
5Valid cutting length6m/12m (20feet/40feet)
6Requirement of angle≤1%
7Cutting speed10~2000mm/min
8Moving speed10~6000 mm/min
9Cutting torch wave angle of axisα=±45°
10Cutting torch wave angle of diameterβ=±45°
11Can be cutting pipe max. Weight21000Kg

No.moving axisChoose cutting axis4+1 axis/3+1 axis
1X axisTube axis of rotationNecessary
2Y axisTorch moves horizontally along the axial axis of the tubeNecessary
3A axisTorch along the tube axis axial plane swingChoose
4B axisTorch along the tube axis radial plane swingChoose
5V axis compensation, track crashAuxiliary measurement, profile measurement, automaticThis axis do not linkage together

  • The 3-D pipe model (step or STP format) can be generated arbitrarily, including round pipe and square pipe.
  • Generate various hole shapes, including round hole, square hole, multilateral, slot, cone hole, elbow truncation, special hole with equal diameter.
  • This software supports the functions of adding lines, cutting compensation, spacing between parts, common edge of trajectory and generating trajectory editing.
  • At the end of the nesting, the software can display the nesting results (processing trajectory and cutting gun posture) directly. Users can see the results at a glance.
  • It has the function of dynamic simulation cutting,and can dynamically simulate the cutting of the nesting results. The user can intuitively see the cutting situation,
  • In the software, the user can maintain the raw material data by himself, and synchronize the raw material results after the completion of the package to the raw material database, so as to facilitate the next cutting.
  • Can automatically generate G code files.

Kerf compensation, plasma bridge, even the cut edge of the flame, sharp handling, CAD sub-layer cutting, text annotation functions, support Tekla