Robotic Cutting Machine Feature:
The Robot cutting machine is a combination of sophisticated technique and digital control technology represents the most advanced laser cutting level. Laser robot adopts imported robotic hand with 6-axis motion capability, which can accomplish spatial any curve movement to ensure its speed, accuracy and reliability; the model is equipped with professional motion-controlling software to ensure stable operation to improve the processing quality; Taking advantage of the flexibility of the robotic hand, it can complete processing following the space-specific curve for customers; saving time on work piece and manufacturing mould cost.

3D laser cutting technology is widely used in the automobile manufacturing industry for auto parts,such as whole car body, door, trunk, roof and other aspects.It replaces the traditional processing methods, reduces mold investment, greatly improves processing efficiency and accuracy of cutting workpiece, reduces production costs.So it becomes a powerful tool to improve competitiveness for automotive manufacturers and component suppliers supporting
Robotic Applications:
It’s wildly used in manufacturing and processing industries (Auto car and ships, Aerospace, Machinery manufacturing, Elevator manufacturing, Household Appliances, Crafts and gifts, Watches Jewelry, Tools Machining, Diamond tools, Gear, Decoration Advertisements, Laser Processing Services).